Monday, December 2, 2013

Winter Giveaway Vendor Spotlight: An Enchanted Affair

Here is our Third post in a series of the PatsycakeBaby Winter Giveaway 2013 posts.  It is a dear friend of mine who has the hearts of so many young girls and boys!  Andria is a very talented dancer, vocalist, musician, actress, performer and the owner of An Enchanted Affair. I'm proud to have her as part of our upcoming giveaway! In our giveaway Andria will be giving away a Warm Winter Wish, a very unique and wonderful wish from your child's favorite fairytale princess!
And a little preview of the many characters available to entertain your prince or princess!
All photos courtesy of An Enchanted Affair
 And a few words from the Princess herself:
My name is Andria, and I’m the owner of An Enchanted Affair – Authentic Princess Events and Entertainment.  I’ve been a dancer/singer my whole life, and feel so fortunate to do what I love for a living.  I began entertaining at children's parties about 8 years ago, but it wasn’t nearly on the same scale that it is today.  After taking a break for a few years to join the cast at the world’s most beloved theme park, I returned to San Diego and established An Enchanted Affair in 2010.  Our mission is to give children (and their parents!) an authentic experience with their favorite fairytale characters.
Each of our cast members bring a great deal of entertaining experience with them, which really adds to the depth of the characters.  And, in order to truly bring the fairy tales to life, our costumes are custom-made for us and include special details, including Swarovski crystals, unique trims and theatrical-grade fabrics.  Although our characters may look similar to other well-known versions of classic fairy tale characters, we strive to respect copyright and heavily base our characters on the original stories.
Visit online today and experience our own special brand of fairy tale magic!
Stop by and show Andria some love! Thank you!


  1. I have a little girl who would be so extremely excited to receive a personal letter from a princess. This is super sweet and a dream come true for many kids!

  2. Andria, I think it is wonderful how you follow your passion for dancing and singing, but at the same time brighten a young child's day by bring imagination to life.

  3. What a wonderful gift to provide a little princess!

  4. So sweet! Thanks for the chance for this amazing prize!!