Thursday, November 12, 2015

All-In-One Diapers - easy as disposables!

PatsycakeBaby All-in-One Cloth Diapers are as easy as disposables... but better!!

Check out why...

What are they? They are a cloth diaper with some of the conveniences of disposables. The All-in-one design means that all the parts and pieces are together in one diaper: no stuffing soakers and no separate covers. Just add baby...and the baby adds the rest!
The barrier fabric is the same Polyurethane Laminate (PUL) that is in the diaper covers, but it is hidden under the soaking layers in the diaper to keep the wetness for coming through. The snake style soaker is sewn into the diaper at the back with the front unattached. This is so that you can fold the soaker under to adjust for size, and for quick cleaning - you can just spray the soaker instead of the whole diaper, and it also helps the diaper to dry faster after washing.  There is also a built in soaker for extra soaking power! PLUS all of the soaking layers that touch your baby's sensitive parts are made from organic cotton and hemp fabrics!

The PUL leg gussets help keep wetness from wicking The outside cotton design is set away from the wet zone so it doesn't pull it to the outside of the diaper. The PUL gusset extends around the elastic to the inside so the inside layers don't soak the outside. 

If you custom order the AIO diapers with velcro - it's even simpler!  You can also choose your outside fabric print! Check out the listing Here.
What makes them better than disposable? Aside from all the above AND from saving trash from the landfill, AIO's are one-size from about 10-30+ pounds and can be used over and over again!

So if you thought you were done with the cloth - take another look at the easiest all in one cloth diaper option around. 

Some adorable AIO's: 

To wash an AIO, spray off any solids, and store until wash day (recommended every 1-2 days). Do a cold rinse with no soap. Do a hot wash/cool rinse with your favorite diaper detergent, rinse until no soap remains. You can tumble dry on low or hang dry, I recommend hanging to dry in the sun and finishing off the drying process in a low heat dryer to regain the softness!

Enjoy! KIM

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

5 Reasons to use Cloth Diaper Covers WITH Disposables!

What? That doesn't make sense to you?
I'm here to tell you right now that it makes perfect sense! It happens all the time.  I get many many orders for PUL Cloth Diaper Covers and every once in a while I get a message that goes something like this: " I love the {rainbow} print diaper you have in your shop.  I use disposables, can I still use that cover?"
and my answer is:


But why? Well here are 5 good reasons why you should use cloth diaper covers WITH disposable diapers.

1.To help keep in leaks while wearing disposables at night!
2. To help keep in leaks during the day while wearing disposables (think BLOWOUTS!) Think of it as a second layer of protection before it gets on your babies clothes, and YOU! If you have to double up or boost the absorbency on the disposables, a cover can help keep it all snug to catch leaks. Covers are One-Size with a snap up rise so you can get a good fit and prevent the soggy diaper syndrome.
3. PatsycakeBaby diaper covers are cute and come in a ton of options. Just check out the fabric choices here. or you can send your own fabric to match outfits.
4. They look super cute instead of pants and can be worn with those adorable baby leg warmers! Plus you can add ruffles for the girls!
5. They can double as a swim diaper....AWESOME.

And in case you aren't convinced here are two more reasons:

6. Baby take off their diaper? Snap on covers can help keep them on!
7. When you run out of disposable diapers, you can lay a towel in the cover and use it as a backup.

So just when you think that cloth diapering is just for cloth diapering families - think again.  Cloth diaper families pair the diaper cover with an absorbent layer like liners, prefolds, and fitted diapers. Disposable diapers are absorbent layers too - so go with it!

Q: Is it hard to wash the cloth diaper??
A: Nope, and the other good news is that you can wash the diaper cover in a regular load of clothes.  If it becomes soiled on the inside you can just wipe the cover clean with a baby wipe.  If it gets really soiled from containing a blow out - you can rise the cover to prevent stains and then wash with your next load of clothes.

Have you tried it yet?
Let me know and if you have a photo don't forget to post it on our Facebook Page
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Saturday, July 25, 2015

7th Generation Healthy Baby Home Party: How you can help!!

Hello Friends! 
I'm sharing this amazing opportunity with anyone who is in love with 7th Generation Products! If you are not familiar with this line of products and their Mission, I encourage you to go to their website and sign up for their newsletter and browse around the website, request some samples and find out just what I'm talking about.
Seventh Generation is currently looking for individuals and families who want to participate by holding a Healthy Baby Home Party.  I have hosted this great event and have received the samples and kits FREE for 2 years now and I can't tell you how happy I am to support this amazing company. I am a mom just like you (and Dad's, grandparents and others are equally encouraged) and I believe in making safer products readily available for my children and yours, keeping bad checmicals away from our growing children and our family AND taking a stand against hidden toxins in our food and products.
This past May, I hosted a Healthy Baby Home Party and it's SO easy and fun.
I gathered a few playground parents from my daughters school during a playgroup.  We took about 30 minutes to go through the information provided in my Home Party Kit.  We signed the petition. We played the Bingo Game and my friends won the FULL SIZE products you see below in the sample photo - this year it included: One pack of Diapers, One pack of wipes, Full size detergent, and a Bobble reusable bottle.  Not to mention all of the coupons, mini sized saples and information in the goodie bags. It's free, it's fun and it's for a good cause!!!

Would you like to host a Healthy Baby Home Party???
Here is some information directly from Seventh Generation:

If We Can Get Monsters Out of Closets, Bring Toys Back to Life, and Heal Scrapes with a Kiss, We Can Get Toxins Out of Our Kids. 
What is a Healthy Baby Home Party? Seventh Generation's Healthy Baby Home Parties are fun and informative for you and your guests, and together you will create a healthy environment for your families! And of course, the most fun of all is the opportunity to get together and talk about your kids and the things that matter to you most.
The Healthy Baby Home Party kit contains educational information from non-profit partner Healthy Child Healthy World, a fun party game to help you share tips, and products and coupons from Seventh Generation, bobble, Zarbee's Naturals, and other brands.
Hosts and guests will also be invited to join us in asking our U.S. Senators to reform chemical policy. For more information on our perspective,
  What is the Application Process?

  • All applicants must be members of Generation Good first.  Sign up at
  • Accept the Healthy Baby Home Party Application offer on your Generation Good dashboard and complete the application.
  • Applicants will be notified in mid August on whether or not they have been selected to host a party via an email to the email address assigned to their Generation Good member profile.
  • All selected applicants will then be asked to confirm their participation by accepting the Healthy Baby Home Party Mission and confirming their shipping address before they are sent the Healthy Baby Home Party Kit.
    Each selected host will then receive a free party kit in the mail. We ask that all parties are held in August/September. For full Terms and Conditions:

  • Goodie Bags, Games, Game Prize samples and information ready for my event in May 2015

    Some local parents gathered at school to attend my party!

    Last but not least, hurry, there's not much time to get in on the next party!!! Click this link to start your sign up! 
    Good luck to you all and I look forward to hosting another party soon!!!

    Friday, May 15, 2015

    Cuckoo for Cloth Giveaway Hop 2015

    The 2nd annual Cuckoo for Cloth giveaway event, hosted by Zephyr Hill Blog and ConservaMom, starts today! It's a fun way to visit lots of different cloth diapering bloggers and enter to win some wonderful prizes. The grand prize package is worth over $150 and includes items from Funky Fluff, GroVia, Wink Diapers, Margaux & May, Zookaboo and Geffen Baby!

    The Grand Prize!!!! Click on this photo to enter to win the grand prize!

    That's not all!!! PatsycakeBaby is also giving away a $25 Gift Certificate to enjoy towards any Ready to Ship item in my shop - including cloth diapers, wipes, wool covers, bibs and wrap scrap items! Enter the giveaway see the rafflecopter giveaway below!

    Don't forget to hop on over to the other blogs celebrating cloth diapering! See the link below and click on the blog links for more prizes! Happy Diapering!

    Friday, February 27, 2015

    Spring is in the Air, Baby!

    Spring time is near. Are you dreaming of flowers and rainbows warmer weather yet? San Diego (home of PatsycakeBaby) barely got a winter this year but we are looking forward to Spring and all it's glory!

    We are coming upon Baby Shower season - did you even know there was one? )Those poor winter babies, like me ;) ). Just a reminder that I offer two awesome options for new mommies and daddies!

    #1 PatsycakeBaby offers a FREE Baby Shower Registration listing.

    • Just send me a PM through Etsy, let me know what you would like to include and I will set up a listing in my shop
    • Your guests can choose which items they would like to purchase and send directly to you (or to them)!
    • Free Gift Wrapping and Card with a message inside.
    • Best of all - after the celebration, mom and dad will get FREE SHIPPING on any purchases they make on the remaining items in their listing.
    • You can Pin the image on Pinterest, or link to your online baby registry or send the link directly to your guests.
    Custom Baby Shower listing graphic

    #2 Custom Baby Shower Gift Set:
    • Choose the items you would like to include in your gift set. A good set might include: Nursing Pads, diaper balm, cloth wipes, PUL Diaper cover (not just for cloth diapering!), baby powder and bib set.
    • Choose more than 6 items and receive a 10% discount on your entire order!
    • All custom made with your choice of fabric!
    • Need help choosing items? I'm always available to help and I can work with your budget!

    Organic Baby Gift Set

    Organic Sherpa Set

    RR Azul Girasol Baby Set

    Want to see some of these items in person, here's a list of events for the Spring Season

    Save the date for these awesome events in and around San Diego and don't forget to stop and say HI!

    April 1st, 2015 I will have a full line of cloth diapers and accessories in a fabulous local shop!! Check out Simply Local SD and stop in to the North Park location 3013 University Avenue, San Diego, CA 92104

    The Great Cloth Diaper Change - April 18, 2015 Location TBD

    May 3rd, 2015 NUA Sparrow Spring Festival my daughter's school is holding their annual fundraiser!

    There's one more event in May, but it's not set in  stone yet. :)

    Hope to see you soon!

    Friday, January 16, 2015

    Cloth is Cool Giveaway Hop

    PatsycakeBaby is proud to be a sponsor in the Cloth is Cool giveaway hop hosted by Zephyr Hill Blog and Cloth Diaper Addicts! Thank you to our hosts for also supporting small WAHM companies like PatsycakeBaby and making it possible to share our creations! 

    To celebrate a new Diaper Cover Design PatsycakeBaby will be giving away a two pack of custom Diaper Covers in your choice of prints! FIRST, enter to win the Grand Prize from our hosts (see Below) and then scroll all the way down to the Rafflecopter form for your chance to win the PatsycakeBaby Prize (also open to US and Canada). 


    Welcome to the first annual Cloth is Cool giveaway hop! Cloth is growing in popularity because of money savings, environmental benefits and just plain enjoyment (it's fun to pick from all the styles, prints and colors).
    Check out the list below for all the cloth diaper giveaways you can enter during this hop. Your hosts, the Zephyr Hill Blog and Cloth Diaper Addicts, and all the participating bloggers and retailers, wish you a successful and enjoyable year of cloth diapering in 2015!
    The grand prize giveaway, open to both US and Canadian residents, features a package containing several different styles to try out: One lucky winner will receive:
    • Best Bottoms "Flurry" Cover and 3 Inserts (choose your size)
    • bumGenius Limited Edition Elemental AIO Diaper
    • Planet Wise Wet/Dry Bag
    • Imagine One-Size Diaper Cover
    • Imagine SmartFit Prefolds, 6-Pack (choose your size)
    • Imagine Indigo Pocket Diaper
    The Cloth is Cool giveaway hop runs from January 16th to January 26th. Good luck!

    Don't forget to enter to win your PatsycakeBaby 2 pack of diaper covers here:
    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    Thursday, January 15, 2015

    PCB Diaper Covers - Making a Good Thing Even Better!

    Here at PatsycakeBaby new things are a-comin' in 2015.  A couple of new and improved diapers and at least 2 new products in the lineup.  I love making natural and organic things - the soft fabric, simple designs with high function. Since 2009, I have been improving and getting better at every aspect of my one-mom business.  It won't stop now.

    First to debut will be my new Diaper Cover pattern.  I have always had excellent feedback from my customers about my covers. The top 3 most loved things are: Fit on smaller babies, quality of the materials and ability to pick fabrics.  In 2014 I sold about 200 diaper covers alone. That's a lot for one momma!

    Why mess with a good thing?
    Because there's always room for improvement. And, I love making patterns :)
    I took the feedback from my current customers and tallied up the score with the top three design improvement suggestions: Trimmer through the crotch, slightly longer rise for bigger babies and longer waist tabs.  The diaper fits NB (about 8 pounds) to toddler (about 35 pounds).


    Drumroll please (for a diaper? LOL)

    PatsycakeBaby PUL One Size Diaper Cover V2

    It is tester improved and I greatly appreciate all of my testers for their time and input.

    Longer wings, more rise snaps for larger size range and new and improved fit!!

    And since there can never be too much of a good thing I'll also introduce you to:
    MINI one-size diapers. Fit newborns ( approximately 6-15 pounds) and my large son wore these until he was about 5 months old.

    Created from a need for tiny diapers,-ones that WILL fit newborns and tiny babes-  these are awesome because they are a one-size design with a snap down rise.  Just FYI there are quite a few of these that were ordered over the years, but I never advertised them in the store.

    Here they are, so tiny and cute :)

    And some comparisons with both sizes side by side:

    and last, but not least:
    Snap in liners:
    I have added two snaps on the inside of my diaper covers to use Snap in Liners as an AI2 option.  These will be added to my shop soon , but here are some pictures to give you an idea:

    Set of Two Organic Sherpa snap in liners can be ordered for One-size and Mini-One size diaper covers.  Your diaper cover can be used through several changes, just unsnap the dirty liner, make sure the cover is clean, and add a fresh set of liners!!

    As soon as I get the "on the bum" photos I'll be sure to add them so you can see the fabulous fit!!

    Happy Diapering all!!