Monday, April 7, 2014

Seventh Generation Healthy Baby Home Party

A few months ago I got my regular newsletter from Seventh Generation (click on the link to read more about their products).  There was an open call to become a host for their new campaign for safer chemicals in the home.  I applied to become a hostess and was chosen to host my own Healthy Baby Home Party!
Last week I got a big box in the mail FULL of samples and some instructional materials and even a game for my party!  Look at all the stuff inside:

Fun, am I right?  Lots of fun for my friends that are coming to participate in the party that I'm hosting at my home.  But, I wanted to share all this with my online friends too!  So, this Friday, April 11th from 9am to 1pm Pacific I will be including all of you in my party!! All you have to do is join the event on my page: Healthy Baby Home Party - the online version hosted by PatsycakeBaby  and invite your friends so you can all stay up-to-date on the event and get a reminder to hurry over and play the games on my Facebook Page  to win the mailable goody bags I put together for the lucky winners!

In the meantime, I urge you to head on over to Healthy Child Healthy World's website and watch the video: "A Wake Up Story" to learn more about Seventh Generations campaign for Safer Chemicals in the Home.  Then you can sign the online petition to stand up for safer chemicals HERE.

I know that every parent wants to do what is safe and good for their child.  Some decisions and choices are difficult, but the good news is - this one is SIMPLE!  Have some fun, play the games and win prizes!!  Don't forget to keep your eye out for Seventh Generation, Happy Baby, and Zarbee's Naturals, in your local stores.  See you all on Friday!