Friday, November 29, 2013

Winter Giveaway Vendor Spotlight: Magnificent Chaos

Here is our first post in a series of the PatsycakeBaby Winter Giveaway 2013 posts.  I would love to introduce everyone to the magnificently talented Jodi of Magnificent Chaos.  A little look through her Facebook shop and you will see she makes beautiful bags and colorful, fun toys.  I'm proud to have her as part of our upcoming giveaway! She is generously giving away this beautiful bag to one lucky winner! Mark your calendars - giveaway starts December 4th!
photo courtesy of Jodie Dean/Magnificent Chaos

Here is a little introduction to the work at home mom behind Magnificent Chaos!

Hi, I'm Jodie, stay at home mum to 2 kids, we love being outdoors with our two boxer dogs, baking, crafting and generally having fun!
I started my little business making nappy bags after seeing some awesome fabric and wanting a bag for myself, moving on to getting some friends to test out my design and finally selling! I am also expanding now to include some little games and other bits and pieces (of course I have millions of ideas but so little time to implement them all!)
I have recently made up some monster bags! They are so fun and cute, a great little present for kids for Christmas who you don't know what to buy ;)
I will be offering a small nappy bag for the competition, this is not the usual size I make, but is still a good size for a trip to the shops etc, and of course featuring a great girl power focal fabric! is my facebook page I hope you can all stop by and "LIKE" it!

Please, head on over and like her page, give her a little love and stay tuned to win one of these bags!!



  1. I love this bag! My inner nerd is going crazy! You see superheroes all the time, but I'm happy to see the women ;) girl power

  2. I went and took a look at your items you have made and I must say I love the bags, games, and toys you have designed. The games look like fun.
    I just love boxers. I was raised with them and I have a boxer Lab mix right now. They make excellent family members.

  3. Love your page and Love this bag. I want!! You are very talented and crafty <3

  4. Thanks so much ladies! Victoria you are so right about Boxers, they are fantastic with the kids!