Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Eeko Designs Fitted Diaper Review

I'm so excited for my first diaper review! It has been a long time coming, let me tell you.  My Son Maddox is the test model for this fabulous fitted diaper from Eeko Designs.  I first met Lauren at Eeko Designs when I won a giveaway for some training pants.  I was so greatful for actually winning a prize in a giveaway!! I upgraded the order to an organic fitted diaper - side snapping (which I had never used before!). I gave her full artistic control and let her pick the fabrics, I told her I had a boy, size large, love colors, rainbows, prints etc...
She was so easy to work with, so nice too.  She even made a huge intercontinental move during the process and my diaper arrived in the most adorable newsprint wrapping and very quickly!

Here's the Construction of the diaper:

Outside: Beautiful Euro Knit - Lillestoff Organic Cotton in Sweet Days.
Love it because: It's a high end, super soft, unique print, vibrant colors, and organic.
Don't love it because: For no reason other than, I know it's going to fade as all bright prints do. (see update below)

Inside: Red Organic Velour
Love it because: it's so pretty, super soft and I've never used velour in a diaper so it was special ;) It also has great soaking power and keeps the wetness away from the bottom.
Don't love it because: I was afraid it was going to fade (see update below)

Liners: This diaper came with a double snap-in soaker, of several layers of knit and topped with orange velour and an additional lay in liner with knit and red velour.
Love it because: There is TONS of soaking power in these layers!
Don't love it because: well, there's no reason not to love super soaking power...

This is my one year old son, Maddox. Yes, he has red hair. Maybe that's not a surprise to anyone who doesn't know that my husband and I both have black hair and our children are both red. 
When I asked Maddox how he felt about his new diaper he said, "ZZZZzzzz". That's his favorite word so I'm guess he really loves it ;) He wore the diaper right out of the package.  I was warned that I may need to prep the diaper a few times before it really had soaking power.  But, he wore the diaper for at least 2 hours and I'm guess 2 pees - and I only felt dampness.

Fit:  My son is one and about 25 pounds.  I ordered the size large.
Love it because: there are adjustable tabs on the side to snap for a good fit, Elastic is stretchy and didn't leave a mark on any part of his skin, and there was room to grow as he was at the lower end of the weight suggestions.
Don't love it because: at the smallest setting the wings came all the way to the front and poked out the top - not a huge deal and definitely not a flaw - I know the diaper wings will get shorter as my son grows :)  And I was confused - diaper wings behind the liners or in front of it? I chose behind because it made some sense to me but I think either way would have been fine ;)

As you can See the diaper fits him very well and he loves it!
Got to have a bum shot ;)

Maddox has worn this diaper several dozen times over the last few months! He's had a chance to make some big messes in it :)
Love it because: it HASN'T faded very much! I thought for sure something so beautiful couldn't last - but I was wrong, the velour is vibrant, the knit isn't pilled or faded. Sure, it has normal fading but not even close to what I was expecting.  It is a workhorse diaper with all those layers, he can stay without a cover for several hours and at night I just slip a woolie over it and it's bulletproof.  There are NO stains, and it is still soft and very comfortable. 
Don't love it because: I can't say anything bad about this diaper - we love it and look forward to more of Lauren's beautiful work!

Now I know you are just dying to get one of your own.  How can I get one you ask?  Click on the photo to go to the Facebook Page.
Or you can head over to her Etsy shop: Eeko Designs 
And please, don't forget to tell her that PatsycakeBaby set you :)
Disclosure: **I did not receive any compensation or product from Eeko Designs or any other affiliate for the purpose of this review.  The diaper used for this review was paid for by me and is for my own personal use.   This review reflects my own opinions and experiences and does not necessarily reflect the opinions or views of Eeko Designs.**

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  1. Your little guy is so cute! perfect to show off your skills. :-). Very nice work!