Sunday, October 2, 2016

Lined Diaper Covers Now In Stock!

Hello Cloth Diaperers!!! 
Touching base here to let you in on a new item I am stocking in my Etsy shop!
  I recently had a custom order of Cloth Diapers that went out to a Mama all the way across the country. We worked together to make a diaper to her exact specifications. As it turns out - I loved the the custom order so much I decided to use it as an option in my shop! Here are the details so you can decide if they are a good fit for your little ones.

Soft Clouds Lined Diaper Cover
Here are the specs:
*This cover is the same pattern I've been using all year. This pattern is my own creation with One row of belly snaps for fast snapping, 3 sets of rise snaps that go from Small to Large. Fits about 10-35ish pounds depending on your baby, two snaps on the inside to hold in the inserts. Elastic at the legs and back for adjustable fit and a nice balance between a trim cover but big enough to contain some of those gorgeous fitteds when necessary. 

Fleece lined for additional comfort

 * A few reasons why my customers love lined covers:
1. The belly and rise snaps are hidden on the inside.
2. The micro fleece is super soft and comfy
3. The micro fleece is "stay dry" and keeps the PUL from touching the skin directly.
4. They make GREAT AI2 (all-in-two) diapers - just snap in the liners and you can keep them snapped in through washes - no stuffing, no folding!

With snap in liners
 In all fairness I like to show both sides of the coin. The reason I like to offer options for custom diapers. So with that, here are just a couple reasons why you might like unlined covers more! *microfleece can pill over time especially when you wash them with natural fiber cloth. *They might be slightly bulkier since the microfleece is a little thicker and *You probably can't wipe them clean if poopy gets on the fleece... and those are the only things I can think of!

Standard diaper cover for comparison
I hope this was helpful for anyone looking to have some custom diapers made by me - if you have any other ideas I'm happy to hear them and get your custom order started!

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