Wednesday, September 21, 2016

BOO!! Halloween, on the bum!

Hello everyone!
Are you all as ready for the fall season as I am. I'm in San Diego, CA and we aren't know for a change in seasons. BUT fall is definitely my favorite time of the year. Weather, food, holidays and family - It's an exciting time.
And today - the first day of fall, I'm announcing my limited edition of Halloween themed diapers!

Check them out here (click on photo to take you directly to the listing)
Errol the Owl

Happy Halloween Pumpkins

Monster Mash

Spooky Spiders

Happy Halloween Ghosts

There are only a few available and I'm making them special: Diaper cover or AI2 option.  Just choose from the drop down menu. Diaper Covers are lined with microfleece with two snaps in the back.  When you add the organic soakers you have an AI2 diaper.  Sound good?

But you have to hurry because they are limited and won't last long. I will also be adding some cotton over PUL style covers in the next few days!

Hope you enjoy this new season and a new set of diapers from PatsycakeBaby!

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