Thursday, January 15, 2015

PCB Diaper Covers - Making a Good Thing Even Better!

Here at PatsycakeBaby new things are a-comin' in 2015.  A couple of new and improved diapers and at least 2 new products in the lineup.  I love making natural and organic things - the soft fabric, simple designs with high function. Since 2009, I have been improving and getting better at every aspect of my one-mom business.  It won't stop now.

First to debut will be my new Diaper Cover pattern.  I have always had excellent feedback from my customers about my covers. The top 3 most loved things are: Fit on smaller babies, quality of the materials and ability to pick fabrics.  In 2014 I sold about 200 diaper covers alone. That's a lot for one momma!

Why mess with a good thing?
Because there's always room for improvement. And, I love making patterns :)
I took the feedback from my current customers and tallied up the score with the top three design improvement suggestions: Trimmer through the crotch, slightly longer rise for bigger babies and longer waist tabs.  The diaper fits NB (about 8 pounds) to toddler (about 35 pounds).


Drumroll please (for a diaper? LOL)

PatsycakeBaby PUL One Size Diaper Cover V2

It is tester improved and I greatly appreciate all of my testers for their time and input.

Longer wings, more rise snaps for larger size range and new and improved fit!!

And since there can never be too much of a good thing I'll also introduce you to:
MINI one-size diapers. Fit newborns ( approximately 6-15 pounds) and my large son wore these until he was about 5 months old.

Created from a need for tiny diapers,-ones that WILL fit newborns and tiny babes-  these are awesome because they are a one-size design with a snap down rise.  Just FYI there are quite a few of these that were ordered over the years, but I never advertised them in the store.

Here they are, so tiny and cute :)

And some comparisons with both sizes side by side:

and last, but not least:
Snap in liners:
I have added two snaps on the inside of my diaper covers to use Snap in Liners as an AI2 option.  These will be added to my shop soon , but here are some pictures to give you an idea:

Set of Two Organic Sherpa snap in liners can be ordered for One-size and Mini-One size diaper covers.  Your diaper cover can be used through several changes, just unsnap the dirty liner, make sure the cover is clean, and add a fresh set of liners!!

As soon as I get the "on the bum" photos I'll be sure to add them so you can see the fabulous fit!!

Happy Diapering all!!


  1. I love those prints! I like that they're mostly gender neutral.