Saturday, May 31, 2014

The PatsycakeBaby Cloth Diaper System

Looking for a simple way to cloth diaper? Economical, Earth-friendly, AND cute? PatsycakeBaby has a unique diapering system that has been TESTED and LOVED by many a baby's bottom (including my own son! ;) )

It's Easy as Pie....
First, Choose a diaper cover. They are available by custom order in my shop. You choose the outer fabrics! They start at $14.95 each but I offer bundle discounts which make the diapers about $12 or less! The outside is 100% cotton, the inside is PUL - it's the waterproof fabric used as a barrier to keep wetness inside the diaper. Pair with a really good soaker (see below) and you will only need rotate the cover between changes so it can dry before putting it back on.  This reduces washing, water, detergent, time....

The Second part of the system is the 4Leaf Clover Diaper, designed to fit right inside of a PatsycakeBaby cover! It's all organic and has fold-in soaker wings.  This One-Piece soaker system is amazing at holding in wetness and solids and keeping it off of the cover. Keep in mind - a really good soaking system will prevent leaks, hold in messes and be really comfy against your baby's skin.  Organic fabrics used in the 4Leaf Clover are free from harmful chemicals, are all natural and dye free. Features SnapLESS design that lays inside the cover without additional snapping or pinning (you're welcome!), super soaking fabrics, rainbow cute trim, one size fold down rise, fold in soakers for one piece design, trim and breathable.  This is your lucky diaper! These are only 12.50 in my shop and I also offer discount pricing for bundle orders! 

 The best part is, this system is a birth to potty system. Fits newborn (about 7 1/2 or 8lbs) all the way to potty.  I know this because my son still wears them at 2!

In the cloth diapering world, your options are almost endless and definitely confusing! Hope that all cloth diapering families new and old can find some peace in the simple side of cloth diapering!

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