Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Be My Valentine Vendor Spotlight and Review: Polder's Old World Market

This evening for our third and final spotlight in this series we have Polder's Old World Market.
Now, before I move any further I need to let you all know that they are one of the vendors in the Be My Valentine Giveaway.  The giveaway ends TONIGHT my friends, only a couple more hours to get in and get your chance to win one of 18 wonderful prizes! Click here to go to the giveaway.
Polder's Old World Market is offering up The Sweetheart Dish. It is an absolutely beautiful heart-shaped "dish" hand carved from Black Walnut.

I have known the Polder Family for quite a while now. I consider them dear friends. I have more Polder wooden spoons in my kitchen than any other utensil!! A few of my FAVORITE things can be found in their shop right now! The Pasta Salad Server is my newest set and definitely one of my very favorites.  The Simple Paddle spoon has an extra long handle and is very sturdy.  It has made lots of cookies and stirred lots of pasta in my home! And if I HAD to choose just one more, I would choose The Southern Hostess serving set. Oh but, the spatula, the spurtle, the sunrise scoop...they are staples in my kitchen too. They require very little care beyond any other utensil - we wash them up after use and every few weeks we oil them with a little bit of olive oil and let them dry. Every piece is a work of art, you will NOT be disappointed. I send my personal guarantee with that statement!

The Polder's Bakers Dozen
Photo Courtesy of the Polder's

The Polder's work as a family (a BIG family I might add) with lots of hands and hearts working in the work shop on their homestead in Tennessee.  

I love seeing the care, detail and love that go into creating each piece.

Here are a few words from the Polder's: 

“Polder's Old World Market emerged slowly out of two things: number one, a lifelong desire to get back to a simpler way of living, and number two, a need to turn our talents and available resources into a way to earn a living. 

Polder's Old World Market is a reflection of all of our dreams and interests put together- it truly is a slice of our life, and we count it as a special opportunity to share it with each of you. We combine our homesteading endeavors with our cottage industry- the one is entwined in and dependant on the other. We take so much delight in crafting our fine wooden kitchen utensils and other housewares! All of our utensils are crafted from a solid piece of (almost exclusively) a local fallen hardwood. They are 100% natural. Each one is sketched, rough cut and sanded to a silky smooth finish entirely by hand. Each one is made with lots of care and a personal interest in the home it will be going to. We love our customers, and next to making the products themselves, our favorite part of Polder’s Old World Market is being able to get to know our customers, and in some small way, share in their lives and interests.

For the most part, each of us tend to do what really interests us the most, or what we are the best at... many of us help design and produce our wooden kitchen ware, but only a few of us make candles, or sew aprons, or carve figurines J. We all do what we're good at, and we all add a unique element to Polder's Old World Market that it wouldn't have otherwise. 

We love being and working together on our farm! Homeschooling and homesteading has afforded us opportunities to learn and grow together that we are truly grateful for. We enjoy gardening, classic board games, old-fashioned instrumental music, Christmas, eating yummy baked treats and drinking fresh, creamy milk from our cow, among other things. It is our chief desire to truly honor the Lord Jesus Christ in all that we do- both on our homestead, and at Polder's Old World Market. He has made everything that we are doing possible. Thank you for your interest in our family owned, handcrafted in the USA Market!”
~The Polder Family”

I encourage EVERYONE to stop by the Polder's Facebook Page and show them some love. If you have a piece of their work, let them know how much you love it. Everyone in the family will get your message even their newest addition LindyAnn! :) If you don't have one of their utensils yet, I encourage you to take a look at their Etsy Shop! There is something for everyone and lots of gift giving potential including a new item, this Southern Rice Spoon!!

A special thank you to the Polder's from the bottom of my heart for your kindness, generosity, positive encouragement and friendship! 

Remember, head on over to the giveaway now to enter to win The Sweetheart Dish!!!


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